It’s an adventure of pirates and lost boys, of shadows and pixie dust, of magic and wonder, as this summer HAODS take you to Neverland with ‘Wendy & Peter Pan’.
An unforgettable journey awaits you as the much-loved J.M. Barrie story comes to life… but with a twist. ‘Wendy & Peter Pan’ is Ella Hickson’s acclaimed re-telling of the classic children’s fiction written for the Royal Shakespeare Company, which puts Wendy Darling at the centre and tells the story through her eyes.
Join Wendy as she flies off to Neverland with her two siblings in search of her “lost” brother Tom, battles pirates and meets the Lost Boys, encountering on the way all your favorite characters but perhaps not as you know them- Tinkerbell, Captain Hook, Tiger Lily, Smee, and of course Peter Pan!
Fly away with HAODS for a theatre experience for all ages packed with laughter and tears, as Wendy truly learns what it means to grow up.

Wendy and Peter Pan – RSC version

This new and exciting rewrite by Ella Hickson is definitely not a pantomime! She went back to the 1911 novel Barrie based on his play, and is clear in her intentions: to put Wendy at the centre of the story. What we get, in fact, is a quest in which Wendy flies off to Neverland with her two siblings in search of her “lost” brother, Tom. Peter Pan becomes her fancied escort but, once in Neverland, even he can’t protect her from assaults from her female rivals: the fairy Tink – a chubbily aggressive Cockney – and Tiger Lily, a purposefully surly hoodie. Eventually, the three girls eventually bond and become infinitely more effective than Peter in defeating Captain Hook.

Hickson’s version is all about female growth and empowerment. To reinforce the point, Wendy’s mum, Mrs Darling, briefly joins the suffragettes. Her play is cheerfully affirmative where Barrie’s story is tantalisingly unresolved: you’re never sure, in the original, whether to envy Peter’s arrested childhood or view him as a tragic figure. Hickson also diminishes Captain Hook. Where Barrie gave us a melodramatic villain full of bombast, Hickson turns Hook into a faintly pathetic pirate yearning to possess Peter’s immortality.

With a real mixture of laughs and tear (of both kinds) we see real life offset by the wonders of Neverland.

There are some different characters to share the story including ‘Shadows’ and whilst we will not be flying the team, we will be generating the elusion you would expect from the story we know so well

Wendy (12)Big hearted feisty elder sister, ‘mother’ figure, starts to grow up when she meets Peter. Becomes a main player in the fight against Hook.
John (11)Serious, man of the nursery. Likes playing at soldiers
Michael (10)Clumsy, conflict averse (teddy helps him)
Tom- (6)Utterly fearless, becomes a lost boy when he dies
Mrs DarlingMother of the family, totally in love with her husband but devastated when her son dies. A grown up Wendy!
Mr DarlingFun loving father, does silly things to amuse the children and suffers silently when their son dies.
Doc Giles- CrocodileAs the Doctor, needs to give an aura of ‘crocodile’ will also be a pirate.
PeterThe boy that never grew up, falls in love with Wendy and wants to grow up -sometimes- but finally stays in Neverland to play for ever.
TinkReal life fairy, bit of a ‘bovver girl’ , doesn’t want Peter to be hurt- or go away!
TootlesWould do anything to be brave
NibsOfficial second in command- nimble and full of fun
CurlyLoveable and into his custard!
SlightlyTries to be very proper
Captain HookEvil, manipulating and thoroughly bad
SmeeFun loving, scuttles around after Hook
Doc SwainPirate of the dastardly kind
Knock-Bone JonesPirate of the dastardly kind
First mate Murt the BatPirate of the dastardly kind
(doubles as Mr Darling)
Pirate of the dastardly kind
Martin the cabin boyThinks he may have fallen through into the wrong Neverland family- wants to be a lost boy
Tiger LilyLast of the Indians, hip-hop and very cool
Shadows, Boys and Pirates

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