HAODS are proud to present Romeo and Juliet in a weekend. As part of the Horsham Year of Culture we’ll be preparing for this unique event from May culminating in a one-off performance on the 1st of September at the Capitol theatre.

Open to all over 12 in the Horsham area – not just HAODS members – the full cast will come together on the weekend of the 31st August/1st September at the Capitol theatre to take part in stage craft exercises, rehearse and then stage the play.

We will be looking for people to help with props, costumes, publicity and set including licensed chaperones for the younger team members. This is an opportunity to learn how a show is created and pick up new skills along the way.

If you are interested in being part of this exciting event, please come along to the launch to hear more, or join our mailing list or follow us on social media.


We haven’t cast all the characters in our production yet – if you’d like to be involved, please email chairman@haods.co.uk to find out more.

RomeoSon of MontagueCast
BenvolioMontague, cousin of RomeoCast
BalthasarMontague, servant to RomeoCast
AbramA Montague servantCast
Lord MontagueFather of RomeoCast
Lady MontagueMother of RomeoCast
JulietDaughter of CapuletCast
TybaltCapulet, cousin of JulietCast
SampsonCapulet servantCast
GregoryCapulet servantAvailable
Lord CapuletFather of JulietAvailable
Lady CapuletMother of JulietCast
NurseCapulet, servant to JulietCast
PeterCapulet, servant to NurseAvailable
MercutioFriend of Romeo, related to Prince EscalusCast
Count ParisCount to wed Juliet, related to Prince EscalusCast
Prince EscalusPrince of VeronaCast
Friar LaurenceFranciscan who marries Romeo and JulietCast
Friar JohnCarries a message for Friar LaurenceAvailable
ApothecarySells poison to RomeoAvailable


  • Saturday 31st August 2019 – Workshop at the Capitol theatre, Horsham
  • Sunday 1st September 2019, 19:00 – Performance at the Capitol theatre, Horsham

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