HAODS’ Spring 2019 show will be Singin’ In The Rain. If you’re interested in being involved in this show, there is still time! Contact us for more details.

Get your toes tapping as this timeless movie musical bursts to life at The Capitol, Horsham. With all the ingredients of a great Hollywood classic, this high energy adaptation of the celebrated and beloved 1950s film features a never ending stream of memorable favourite songs including ‘Good Morning’, ‘Make ‘Em Laugh’, ‘All I Do Is Dream of You’ and of course not forgetting the title hit made famous by Gene Kelly, ‘Singin’ in the Rain’. Be swept along by the classic romance, the stunning dance routines, and the larger than life comedy moments. This perfect evening of entertainment comes straight out of the golden age of movie musicals.

Diary details

  • Audition Prep: Tuesdays & Thursdays at 8pm in November.
  • All auditions (cast and principals): Saturday 9th December from 2pm-7pm



  • 14th – 18th May 2019
  • 19:30 Tuesday – Friday, 14:00 and 19:00 Saturday

Tickets on sale soon from The Capitol Box Office.

Playing age
NotesAudition libAudition singing
Don LockwoodM
Triple threat! Dancer, singer, actor who understands comedy and has lots of pizzazz! Leading man with a big smile who copes with a ‘Leading Lady’ who should be sent to her room! And finds the love of his life hiding in a cake!P42 (top) to P43 ‘…I’ll try.’ P13 to P15 (with Kathy)21 - Singin' in the Rain – bars 20-51
Kathy SeldenF
Triple threat! Dancer, singer, actor with huge ambition and the determination to ‘Get There’! The leading man’s genuine love interest! Feisty but a sweetheart!P13 (top) to P15 ‘…touch me’14 - Lucky Star - bars 32-end
Cosmo BrownM
Triple threat! Dancer, singer, actor, pianist, (piano could be cheated but it would be great if the actor could play!) Carries the comedy of the show so experience in slapstick comedy and a willingness to make a fool of yourself in the audition would be ideal! – try and make the panel laugh and you are onto a winner!P27 (top) to P28 (into song)11 - Make 'em Laugh - bar A-39
Roscoe DexterM
Actor with some movement required. Classic early film director thinks he is a dictator but is foiled by the not so bright star! ‘Yes man’ to the producer!P50 (bottom) to P51 (bottom)
Lina LamontF
Actor, singer (both good and not so good singer!) The not so bright star! Gorgeous to look at, but a voice which could cut glass…probably a southern accent? but open to interpretation. Always thinks she is right and can be crafty! She’d be great if only she wasn’t such a bitch! Very much the David Beckham of the show!P45 (top) to P46 (top) and P74 (enter) to P76 (exit)26 - What's wrong with me? - bars 34-57
R.F. SimpsonM
Actor with some movement required. The ‘boss’ of the studio and producer of silent films and then the talkies, particularly movie musicals. Good at getting the best out of the people he has under contract! Strong clear thinking who recognises the way things are going with the industry.P34 (entry) to P35 ‘…they talk’
Dora BaileyF
Actor – is a gossip columnist (think Joan Rivers) She might be ‘sweet’ to the star’s faces but she’s a powerful and dangerous woman. She can make or wreck a career in one column! Narrates the red carpet movie premieres.P84 (Dora’s speech)
Zelda ZandersF
Actor – A star in her own right – an accomplice of Lina in her attempts to bribe! You wouldn’t want to cross her!P77 to P78 (end)
Miss DinsmoreF
Actor – Lina’s long-suffering vocal coach. Must have excellent diction! Requires a comedy actress who is good at playing the ‘mother hen’ type character as she cares for the younger performers.P45
Male Diction TeacherM
Actor – the male equivalent to Miss Dinsmore. Character actor required with strong comic timing. This character tries to coach Don in his speaking role for the film with some success!P47 (top) to P48 (top)
Ensemble women9 - All I do is dream of you - bar 1-32
Ensemble men7 - You stepped out of a dream - bars 67-end
Production Tenor13 - Beautiful Girl - bars 16-36

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