Stage Crew and Props

Here at HAODS we are not made up entirely of budding actresses and actors - we also possess a Stage and Props Crew who have no wish or desire and cannot even be bribed to go onstage unless the lights are out and they are all dressed in black!

We all share a love for the theatre and a desire to be part of its magic. You may not see us in the limelight but watch out for us darting about in the shadows.

So that is what we are here for - to help HAODS create that magic by making, borrowing, begging, moving, painting, looking for, hiring and buying any props or scenery (both big and small) that HAODS may need for their productions.  We have worked together as a team for several years and have accumulated a large amount of what most people might call junk. Through a Props Crews' eyes though - that junk has endless possibilities and endless uses...

If we can help other societies to make that magic by hiring you any of our props, we would be pleased to help you! Please contact us and let us know! Even if you cannot find what you are looking for on our list; we may have other possibilities stashed away!

If you need anything, from an Apple to a Zoetrope, visit the Stage Crew Website or contact us on 01403 210959.

Steff - Props Mistress